Sources of Natural dyes

Sources of  Natural  dyes
The natural dyes are classified as monogenetic and polygenetic dyes.
Monogenetic dye materials produce only one colour on textiles
irrespective of mordants. Polygenetic dye matters develop different
colours according to the mordant applied before dyeing.
The common sources of Natural dyes are as under:
(i) Parts of Plants such as leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, barks, roots of dye
yielding plants.
(ii) Minerals such as prussion blue, red ochre and ultramarine blue,
(iii) Animal origins such as Lac, cochimeal and kermes.
The cultivation of trees in unused lands will yield dye matters and the fuel
wood for the villages. Thus, the encouragement of cultivation of dye
yielding plants and trees will boost agro-based activity in rural areas
leading to rural development and employment.


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